Elisabeth Hamm
Elisabeth Hamm
Elisabeth Hamm at 108.
Birth: 4 January 1906
Giessen, Germany
Death: 2016
Age: 110 years, 0-362 days
Country: GermanyGER

Elisabeth Hamm (4 January 1906 – 2016) was a German supercentenarian who was, at the age of 110, in the top 15 oldest people in Germany. She is currently unvalidated.


Hamm was born on 4 January 1906 in Giessen and spent her youth in Homber an der Ohm. where she was trained as a household. In consequence of her employment she met her future husband, Herbert Hamm, and moved with him to East-Berlin, being occupied by the Soviets. At the beginning of the 1950s when the political pressure started increasing in general but also to her husband, who managed a bank at Alexanderplatz, the couple fled first to West Berlin and later to Koblenz. The couple had no children and after her husbands death in the 1980s she was living on her own. Being 106 she moved into a sheltered accommodation for the elderly in Biebesheim, next to her relatives.

Hamm always enjoyed playing the piano and listening to classic music. She is also proud to be a real "Hessian girl" but also staying always true to herself.

In consequence of 100 years World War I Hamm was interviewed for the documentary "Hesse in 1914" speaking about her memories of World War I, her family life but also social background. At that time she was 108 years and 6 months old.

Elisabeth Hamm died in 2016 at the age of 110.


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