Eilif Philipsen (21 July 1682 - 20 June 1785) was the first person documented to reach the ages of 100, 101, and 102, the first known centenarian, and was at the time of his death the oldest person ever at the age of 102 years and 333 days.[1]


Eilif Philipsen was born 21 July 1682 in Kinsarvik, Norway, and was baptized along with his twin sister Ingeborg the same day. Records are spotty until the 1701 census, when he is 18, which records that he is living with his father and two younger brothers, Hans (aged 3) and Jacob (aged 10). The records are once again absent until 1721, at which time he marries a woman named Ingebjørk, who is at the time 22 years old. In 1723, he is involved in a court case. In 1727, he inherited his farm from his deceased father. At one point, he adopts a daughter, and in 1751, at the age of 71, passes ownership of his farm to his son-in-law. [2]

On 21 July 1782, he became the first person verified to have reached the age of 100, therefore being the first known centenarian. On 21 July 1783, he became the first to reach 101 years of age.[2]

In 1783, he was living in retirement with his wife, now 84. On 21 July 1784, he became the first to reach the age of 102. On 20 June 1785, he died of old age.[2]


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