Eileen Pickford
Eileen Pickford
Eileen Pickford at 105.
Birth: 20 August 1910
Falkland Islands
Death: 14 January 2018
Felpham, England, UK
Age: 107 years, 147 days
Country: Falkland IslandsFLKUnited Kingdom UK

Eileen Pickford (née Creece; 20 August 1910 – 14 January 2018) was an Falkland Island-born British centenarian.


Eileen Pickford was born in Falkland Islands on 20 August 1910. Later she moved to Lillehampton, England at the age of 12. She attended St Catherine’s School before going to London in her 20s, where she worked at a court dressmaker in Knightsbridge before helping to open a restaurant in Chelsea. She first married Horace Charles Wilson in 1936. After Horace's death at the age of 59 in October 1968, Eileen travelled over the next few years and married John Pickford in 1976. John passed away in 2008.

Eileen Pickford died in Felpham, West Sussex, England, UK on 14 January 2018, at the age of 107 years, 147 days.[1][2][3] She had three grandchildren, five great grandchildren and three great, great grandchildren. Eileen is currently oldest known woman ever from Falkland Islands.


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