Daniel Nathaniel Harekeb (10 August 1888? - 29 April 2002) was a Namibian supercentenarian claimant.


Daniel Nathaniel Harekeb claimed that he was born in Karibib, Namibia on 10 August 1888. His earliest memories are of running away from mission school, at about the time the Germans arrived in Namibia. After that he worked as a shepherd. He had vague memories of the German-Herero war of 1904-07. In nearly 100 working years he made ice cream and worked in construction before starting on a German's farm in Karibib, about 80 miles north-west of the capital Windhoek. Ever since he, his children - he has none of his own but adopted his siblings' children after their parents died - and grandchildren have lived on the farm.

He worked past his 100th birthday. In 1999 he was summoned to a government house in Windhoek by the Namibian president, Sam Nujoma, who told him he was the oldest man in the country[1]. Daniel Harekeb passed away in Ozondje, Omaruru, Namibia on 29 April 2002 at the claimed age of 113 years and 264 days[2]. At the time of his death he was believed to be oldest living man in Namibia.


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