Daisy Cammock-Bennett
Daisy Cammock-Bennett
Birth: 3 January 1903
Clarendon, Jamaica
Death: 10 June 2013
Saint Andrew, Jamaica
Age: 110 years, 158 days
Country: JamaicaJAM

Daisy Cammock-Bennett (3 January 1903 – 10 June 2013) was a pending Jamaican supercentenarian.


Daisy Cammock was born on 3 January 1903 in Aenon Town, Clarendon, Jamaica. She was a member of the Anglican church in her birth town. She was the second of four children of her parents, John and Elva Cammock. Allegedly, she had a great-aunt who lived until she was 114 years old.

She moved to Carron Hall in Saint Mary where she met her husband, Ernis and got married in 1929. She worked as a housekeeper for a while, but mostly stayed at home or went to the farm with her husband who did large-scale farming.

Her husband passed away in Sierra Leone in 1982. Even at the age of 105, she loved gardening. She always liked to plant. According to her daughter, Daphne, Daisy was very active up until the 1990s. In 2008, she had a living brother who was in his 90s at that time. Daisy had arthritis in her centenarian years.

Daisy passed away in Pembroke Hall, St. Andrew, Jamaica on 10 June 2013, aged 110 years, 158 days. At the time of her death, she was the second-oldest living person in Jamaica behind Violet Brown.


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