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Consuelo Moreno-Lopez
Consuelo Moreno
Birth: 5 February 1893
Spanish Morocco (now Morocco)
Death: 13 November 2004
Virginia, USA
Age: 111 years, 282 days
Country: MoroccoMARUnited StatesUSA

Consuelo Moreno-Lopez nee Romero [Spanish: Consuelo Moreno-López] (5 February 1893 – 13 November 2004) was a validated Moroccan-American supercentenarian.


Consuelo Moreno-Lopez was born in Tangier, Spanish Morocco (then under Spanish protectorate) on 5 February 1893. She had Spanish parents. Her father drowned when she was 15, and she helped support her family by becoming a seamstress. She kept sewing, mostly for spending money, after she got married. She emigrated to the Virginia, United States in 1964.

Moreno-Lopez died in Virginia, United States on 13 November 2004, aged 111 years and 282 days. She remains the oldest validated person ever born in Morocco.