Clothilde Rey
Clothilde Rey
Clothilde Rey at age 109
Birth: 20 November 1892
Cologne, Prussia (Rhine Province)
Death: 9 July 2003
Niederaussem, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Age: 110 years, 231 days
Country: GermanyGER

Clothilde Rey (20 November 1892 – 9 July 2003) was a validated German supercentenarian who was, at the time of her passing, the oldest living inhabitant of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Clothilde Rey was born in Cologne, Kingdom of Prussia, Germany, on 20 November 1892. She was a daughter of a teacher of the classics. Her father did not earn money with his profession, but her mother’s family had been wealthy enough. Rey had two brothers – one of them died aged 12, the other one in World War I. Later she went to Berlin for studying vocal arts, soprano. She was also teached playing the piano by famous musician Fritz Busch. Apart from her interests in art and music she also enjoyed sports like tennis, oarsmanship and sailing. At the end of 1918, she had to give up on her studies due to financial reasons.

She was married in 1920 to a farmer although her plan was to marry after turning 40. The couple spent their first years in Switzerland and moved to Niederaussem, Germany in 1929. They bought a moated castle called „Gut Klein Möchhof“. The couple had two children, of whom Rey survived her son.

Until age 100 Rey went to theatre, opera and other cultural events. She also played the piano until her 80s but gave up on it when her husband died. She was in a good shape, just having some problems with her knee. At age 109 she had a stroke, but she managed to recover, soon waiting for her 110th birthday. Since being a centenarian she was also convinced to become a supercentenarian. She traced her longevity to having a sherry every day like she practiced for more than 40 years.

Being the oldest inhabitant of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rey died on 9 July 2003 in her home at the age of 110 years, 231 days. She was preceded in death by her daughter and following generations.


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