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Clara Willard
Birth: 2 December 1872
Norfolk, Nebraska, USA
Death: 13 March 1984
Allegan, Michigan, USA
Age: 111 years, 102 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Clara Emily Willard (née Harrison; 2 December 1872 - 13 March 1984) was an American woman notable for her long lifespan. She was born in Norfolk, Nebraska on 2 December 1872 as the daughter of John Jesse and Diana Fanny Munson Harrison. The family moved to Iowa, and then Illinois. She married Walter H. Bishop in Chicago, Illinois on 6 September 1890. The couple had two children, Diana Claire (who died in 1911) and Helen Ester. Walter died in 1915 and Helen remarried in 1917.

After the death of Walter, Clara moved in with Elmer and Pauline Spreeberg in Oak Park, Illinois. Pauline Spreeberg died in 1920, after which Clara married Elmer. Elmer died in the 1920s. By 1940 Clara Spreeberg was living in Oak Park. Later she married the 23 years younger Everett Willard. Everett died in 1969. Clara Willard died in Allegan, Michigan on 13 March 1984, aged 111 years, 102 days.