Chrissie Martenstein
Chrissie Martenstein
Chrissie Martenstein (center), her live-in caregiver Briget (left), and her niece Lynn Martenstein (right).
Birth: 9 June 1897
San Francisco, California, USA
Death: 18 April 2008
San Francisco, California, USA
Age: 110 years, 314 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Mildred "Chrissie" Martenstein (née Stelling; 9 June 1897 – 18 April 2008) was an American supercentenarian whose age is validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She was the oldest living survivor of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the 54th-oldest living person in world.


Mildred Martenstein was born as Mildred Stelling in San Francisco, California, USA, on 9 June 1897. She apparently did not like her first name, and was forever known to family and friends as "Chrissie." She was 8 years old at the time of the earthquake. She said her family took shelter in a tent along Van Ness Avenue.

Chrissie went on to graduate from the Hamlin School in San Francisco in 1916 and was a lifelong supporter of that school. Chrissie married Ted Millstein, but did not have any children with him. Together, they would spend the entirety of their lives in San Francisco.

Chrissie Martenstein passed away in San Francisco, California, USA, on 18 April 2008 at age 110 years, 314 days.


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