Charlie Nelson
Charlie Nelson
Charlie Nelson on his 99th birthday.
Birth: 21 September 1867
Canton, Ohio, USA
Death: 20 August 1978
Guthrie Center, Iowa, USA
Age: 110 years, 333 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Charles Herbert "Charlie" Nelson (21 September 1867 – 20 August 1978) was a validated American supercentenarian born in Canton, Ohio. He moved to a small town in Iowa called Guthrie Center in 1872. Nelson had various jobs such as being a teacher at local county schools, owning a drug store (after taking a pharmacy course at Northwestern University) and repairing watches. He was also in the real estate business, selling insurances.

When he was in his 80's, he was elected as the mayor of Guthrie Center. He held this position for eight years. Nelson stayed active as a senior citizen; for instance driving a car until he was 99. He attributed his longevity "to his love of people, for life, and keeping interested in world activities, as well as continuing to work."

Nelson died on 20 August 1978 in Guthrie Center, Iowa, USA at the final age of 110 years, 333 days. He was the 3rd oldest living person in the world at the time of his death, behind Fannie Thomas and Anna Murphy. He was, however, the world's oldest living man and the last verified surviving man born in the 1860's. Longevity was prevalent in his family, with his father, George Benton Nelson (1843-1935), living to be 92 years and his mother, Margaret Kryder (1842-1934), to 91 years. His sister, Emma Rorick (1877-1978), died 14 days before her 101st birthday.


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