Bridget Deely
Bridget Deely
Bridget Deely in 1972.
Birth: 9 July 1866
Lee, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 1 January 1977
Lee, Massachusetts, USA
Age: 110 years, 176 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Bridget Deely (9 July 1866 – 1 January 1977) was an unverified supercentenarian.


Bridget Deely was born in Lee, Massachusetts on 9 July 1866 as the daughter of Michael and Mary Clarke Deely. She worked as a dressmaker for many years, living in Lee her entire life. She never married nor had any children. She had several long-lived siblings, many reaching their 90s, Bridget being the only centenarian.

Bridget Deely died in her family home in Lee, Massachusetts on 1 January 1977, aged 110 years, 176 days.


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