Birdie May Vogt
Birdie May Vogt
Birth: 3 August 1876
Ohio, United States
Death: 23 July 1989
Florida, United States
Age: 112 years, 354 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Birdie May Vogt (3 August 1876 – 23 July 1989) was a validated American supercentenarian.


Birdie May Vogt was born in Ohio, USA, on 3 August 1876. She became the oldest living American upon the death of Florence Knapp on 11 January 1988, and held the title until her own death on 23 July 1989. She was mistakenly titled as the oldest living person upon the death of Orpha Nusbaum, but the title was retracted and given to Maren Bolette Torp, then Carrie C. White, and upon White's death, it passed to Jeanne Calment.


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