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Bessie Bettencourt
Bessie Bettencourt.png
Bessie Bettencourt in 1974.
Birth: 12 February 1874
North Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 14 January 1985
Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA
Age: 110 years, 337 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Bessie Bettencourt (née Parry; 12/16? February 1874 – 14 January 1985) was a verified American supercentenarian.


Bessie was born as Bessie Louise Parry in North Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts as the daughter of Henry and Betsy Jane Baker Parry. She married Myron Bettencourt in her 50s and had no children. Bessie Bettencourt died in Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts on 14 January 1985, aged 110 years and 333/337 days.