Bernice Viola Juanita Christian nee Young (19 January 1899 - 26 December 1993) was a woman from Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn IslandsPCN.


Bernice Christian was born in Pitcairn Islands on 19 January 1899. She was the daughter of Arthur Herbert Young and Adella Schmidt. She married John Lorenzo Christian, the son of Gerard Bromley Christian and Helen Amelia Jane Christian on Pitcairn Island, and her married name became Christian. Bernice Christian passed away in Pitcairn Islands on 26 December 1993 at the age of 94 years and 341 days[1][2]. On 6 September 1994 an area in the Aute Valley, a large, flat area on the southeast side of Pitcairn Island, previously owned by Bernice and John, was designated as the Bernice Christian Memorial Park. Bernice Christian is the oldest woman ever from Pitcairn Islands and second oldest person ever from Pitcairn Islands after British-born Charles Cooze, who died in Pitcairn at the age of 97 years old in 1944.


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