Bernando LaPallo
Bernando LaPallo

Bernando LaPallo (17 August 1901? (claimed) or 1907/1910 (based on documented records) – 19 December 2015) was a Brazilian-American centenarian noted for his diet/healthy lifestyle books, online seminars, etc. His age claim was a source of controversy, as evidence showed he was younger than the age claimed.


Bernando LaPallo claimed birth in Vitoria, Brazil. His father was said to be a doctor who lived to 99, his mother lived to be 105 and his grandmother lived to be 108 (citations needed). Bernando outlived two of his three children and his two wives. Bernando also had a strict diet of vegetables and fruits. His five "secret" foods were said to be: cinnamon, chocolate, garlic, honey, and olive oil.

Age Controversy

Bernando LaPallo began claiming birth in 1901 while he was promoting healthy longevity/lifestyle products. Critics question whether this conflict of interest could be a source of motivation for age inflation. So far, no proof of birth in 1901 has been publicly located. Census and other documents in the USA have suggested that Bernando was born in circa 1907-1910, and was thus a semi-supercentenarian, not a supercentenarian as claimed.


LaPallo died on 19 December 2015 at the age of 105/108 (claimed 114) from natural causes.


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