Bechu Prasad
Birth: 10 May 1900
Rakiraki, Fiji
Death: 6 September 2005
Sabeto, Fiji
Age: 105 years, 116 days
Country: FijiFJI

Bechu Prasad (10 May 1900 – 6 September 2005) was a Fijian centenarian.


Bechu Prasad was born in Rakiraki, Fiji 10 May 1900. His parents were originally from Punjab, India and moved to Fiji during the Girmit days. He met Prince Charles in March 2005.[1] Prasad died in Sabeto near Nadi, Fiji on 6 September 2005 at the age of 105 years, 116 days.[2] Prasad is currently the oldest known man ever from Fiji.


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