Batuli Lamichhane
Batuli Lamichhane
Batuli Lamichhane at the claimed age of 112
Birth: 23 March 1902?
Sindhupalchowk, Nepal
Age: 119 years, 132 days?
Country: NepalNEP
Longevity claimant

Batuli Lamichhane (born 23 March 1902?) is a Nepalese longevity claimant.


Batuli Lamichhane claims that she was born in Gigarichaur in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal on 23 March 1902. Her ID-card lists her birthday as March 1903 although article from 2015 listed her age was 115 years old and that she was born in 23 March 1900.[1] She credits her long life to chain smoking 30 cigarette a day – for 101 years. She took up smoking when she was 17 and she claims it’s her daily habit that has helped her outlive almost everyone else in her village – and her own children.[2]

Batuli Lamichhane lives currently in Nuwakot district, Nepal and she celebrated her claimed 118th birthday in March 2020.[3][4] If her age is true, she could be oldest woman ever from Nepal, as well as the 3rd oldest person ever. She would also be older than Kane Tanaka, the oldest validated living person in the world. 



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