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Barys Kit
Barys Kit
Barys Kit in 2015.
Birth: 6 April 1910
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire (now Russia)
Death: 1 February 2018
Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Age: 107 years, 301 days
Country: BelarusBLRGermanyGER

Barys Vladimirovich Kit (6 April 1910 – 1 February 2018) was a Belarusian-German rocket scientist. He was the oldest known living man (and person) of Belarusian descent.


Barys Vladimirovich Kit was born on 6 April 1910 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire (now Russia) to the family of an employee at the Post and Telegraph Department, a Belarusian in origin. In 1918 Kit’s family moved to their native village of Aharodniki in Poland (now merged with the town of Karelichy, Hrodna Voblast).

In the mid-1950s, Kit began his scientific activities in the field of astronautics. For 25 years he worked in the American spaceresearch program. As a mathematician and systems analyst, he took part in projects aimed at the development of intercontinental missile systems. Kit took part in all the American space research projects, including mathematical support of the mission to the Moon. In 1972, Kit moved to Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. He lived in a Jewish nursing home and celebrated his 107th birthday in 2017.

Barys Kit died on 1 February 2018 at the age of 107 years, 301 days.