Auguste Ehard
Auguste Ehard
Auguste Ehard at age 110
Birth: 12 January 1906
Trostberg, Kingdom of Bavaria
Death: 22 March 2016
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Age: 110 years, 70 days
Country: GER FlagGER
Auguste Ehard (12 January 1906 – 22 March 2016) was a German supercentenarian who was at the time of her death Bavaria's oldest citizen. She is currently unverified.


Ehard was born on 12 January 1906 in Trostberg as one of three daughters. At age 19, Ehard moved to Munich where she still lives presently. She worked as a bank clerk and married in 1939. She had one daughter called Franziska. During World War II her husband Franz was conscripted and got into the Danish captivity. He returned eight years later in 1947. That moment Ehard remembered well.

She attributed her longevity to being physically active for many decades. In her youth, she played tennis and did rowing. She did alpine skiing until aged 70, and she enjoyed cross-country skiing and hiking until aged 95. After she had turned 70 and widowed, she also enjoyed travelling with her sister. When aged 99, she moved to a nursing home where she was living until her death. Ehard was quite alert, though complaining about worsening eyesight and hearing. Reportedly, she was able to walk with assistance and participate in the nursing home’s social life. Until she was 107, she kept visiting her daughter living in the same district on her own. According to one of her 110th birthday reported, Auguste Ehard's health deteriorated severely four days before her birthday, but she managed to recover shortly.

Her relatives attributed Auguste Ehard's longevity to being physically active for all her life and to knowing exactly what she wants. Her parents lived to 85, both of her sisters were aged over 90.

With the passing of Margarete Dannheimer on 2 July 2015, she became Bavaria's oldest living inhabitant at the age of 109 years, 171 days. In March 2016, she met 108-year-old Robert Winterstein. On 22 March 2016, Auguste Ehard passed away at age 110 years, 69 days.

Auguste Ehard and Robert Winterstein

Auguste Ehard (110; right) meeting Robert Winterstein (108; left)


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