Arshi Bazaj (20 May 1906 - 26 December 2015) was Albanian-born American centenarian.


Arshi Bazaj was born to a Bektashi Muslim family in Sevaster, near Vlora in Albania (then part of the Ottoman Empire) on 20 May 1906. Later in 1940s he emigrated to Michigan, United States after escaping Communist persecution via Italy. He was the head of the Bektashi Sufi teqe established in Taylor, Michigan, USA, by the noted Bektashi figure Baba Rexheb Beqiri (1901-95). He was a life-long Bektashi. His diligent work for the Bektashi community began in Vlora and concluded near Detroit. Arshi Bazaj passed away 26 December 2015 in Detroit, Michigan, USA at the age of 109 years and 220 days[1][2]. If his age is true, he could be oldest known man ever born in Albania.


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