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Antonio Sebastiao dos Remedios
Antonio Sebastiao dos Remedios
Birth: 19 March 1896
Tabravaddo, Saligao, Goa, India (then a Portuguese colony)
Death: 21 December 2004
Tabravaddo, Saligao, Goa, India
Age: 108 years, 277 days
Country: IndiaIND

Antonio Sebastiao dos Remedios [Portuguese: António Sebastião dos Remédios] (19 March 1896 – 21 December 2004) was a Indian centenarian who was one of oldest known living men in India at the time of his death.


Antonio Sebastiao dos Remedios was born in Tabravaddo, Saligao, Goa, India (then a Portuguese colony) on 19 March 1896. His parents were Anna Michael Remedios (died 1921) and Ritta Carlota Fernandes (died 1940). He had six siblings: Francisco Xavier, Camilo, Caetano, Clotildes, Lucinda and Josefina. He baptized in this Church of Mae de Deus of Saligao on 5 April 1896.

He was first went to school at Hortencia Cordeiro's residence in Mollebhatt. Then followed his studies at Aula, St. Mary's Boys School at Arrarim and finally at St. Stanislaus in Bandra, Bombay.

He married Anna Severina Saldanha in 1920. The couple had three children: Napoleao (born 1921), Denise and Linda (born 1932).

He worked in the fields until moved to Bombay where got a job as a typist and later on worked in Uganda, Africa, for 40 years in the Government Treasury as Special Grade Clerk and Head of Accounting Section. He retired in 1955.

After his wife's death, he got married the second time to Maria Aurora Bonifacia de Souza in 1961. The couple had one daughter: Maria Severina "Rina" Remedios.

Dos Remedios died in Tabravaddo, Saligao, Goa, India on 21 December 2004 at the age of 108 years, 277 days. He was survived by 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.