Anna Dadykina
Anna Dadykina
Birth: 4 March 1905?
Tur, Smolensk Oblast, Russian Empire (now Russia)
Death: 11 July 2018
Golynki, Smolensk Oblast, Russia
Age: 113 years, 129 days?
Country: RussiaRUS

Anna Grigorievna Dadykina [Russian: Анна Григорьевна Дадыкина] (4 March 1905? – 11 July 2018) was a Russian supercentenarian whose claim is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Anna Grigorievna Dadykina claimed to have been born born in the village of Tur, Rudnyansky District, Smolensk Oblast, Russian Empire (present-day Russia), on 4 March 1905. In the childhood, she was known as "Annushka". During her adult life she worked on the collective farm in Mogilno, Smolensk Oblast. She was married for a short time as her husband passed away early. They didn't had any children. Anna never learned to read and write. She lived on her own in her village until the age of 108, and then moved to a nursing home in Golynki.

Dadykina died in Golynki, Smolensk Oblast, Russia, on 11 July 2018 at the claimed age of 113 years, 129 days.


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