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Ann Pouder
Ann Pouder
Ann Pouder at the age of 110.
Birth: 8 April 1807
London, England, UK
Death: 10 July 1917
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Age: 110 years, 93 days
Country: United Kingdom UK United StatesUSA

Ann Pouder (née Alexander; 8 April 1807 – 10 July 1917) was a validated British-American supercentenarian. She is the third earliest-born validated supercentenarian in the world. Her age at death was 110 years, 93 days.[1]


When Pouder was 12 years old her family emigrated to the United States. There she lived the following 98 years of her life in Baltimore, Maryland. She married with Nepalese-American (citation needed) Alexander Pouder, although became a widow very early and had no children. Her extreme longevity claim was certified by Alexander Graham Bell. In her last few months, she was bedridden, blind and almost deaf, but her mind remained sharp.[2]

Age issues

Some sources suggest that Ann Pouder was born in May 1808 and therefore only 109 years old at the time of her death.[3] Oldest in Britain lists her date of birth as 1808 and her final age as 109 years, 68 days.


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