Ana Maria Casahualpa
Ana Maria Casahualpa
Casahualpa on her claimed 111th birthday.
Birth: 23 January 1908
Quito, Ecuador
Death: c.17 February 2019
Quito, Ecuador
Age: 111 years, c.25 days
Country: ECU FlagECU
Ana Maria Casahualpa Cucamalqui (23 January 1908 – c. 17 February 2019) was an Ecuadorian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Casahualpa claimed to have been born in the district of Pifo in Quito, Ecuador, on 23 January 1908. Since her childhood, she has lived in the neighborhood of Batan (present-day Calluma neighborhood) of Pifo.

Casahualpa married Jose Cumbal Cucamalqui. Her husband was appointed Mayor of the parish of Pifo, a title chosen among all people in the sector. They were also in charge of ensuring tranquility. She said that her husband was the most renowned mason of the parish, he built the majority of houses in the parish and refurbished the Pifo church. They had 5 children, including Mercedes Cumbal.

Casahualpa died in Calluma (Pifo), Quito, Ecuador, on circa 17 February 2019 at the claimed age of 111 years, c. 25 days.


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