Altino Bueno da Silva
Altino Bueno da Silva
Birth: 6 May 1903
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Death: 12 April 2014
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Age: 110 years, 341 days
Country: BrazilBRA

Altino Bueno da Silva (6 May 1903 – 12 April 2014) is a Brazilian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group.


In his life, his Altino witnessed another century of world history. It accompanied the environment of the construction of the São Paulo-Rio Grande do Sul railroad, one of the causes of the Contestado War, lived very closely; went through the first and second world war, which so many harms brought to mankind; is older than all municipalities in the midwest of Santa Catarina and also in the great majority of other municipalities in Santa Catarina; lived intensely the beginnings of Fraiburgo, although here was a simple cattle ranch and a passage of tropeiros on the way to Sorocaba-Sp. He lived and helped, with his work, intensely the birth of the village, then city and last of our county.

His Altino adopted this city to live. He is, and always was, a poor man, but with his honesty, along with his wife Dona Maria Silvalina Rodrigues, he formed a family and raised his 7 children, in the highest spirit of love and brotherhood. Today he lives next door to his family, on Avenida Caçador, in the center of our city.


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