Not to be confused with Albertha Davis.

Alberta Davis (24 December 1881? – 27 January 2007) was an American longevity claimant.


Alberta Davis claimed to have been born in 24 December 1881. She had two children, Will Thomas and Irene Thomas. Alberta Davis died on 27 January 2007 in Sparta, Georgia at the claimed age of 125 years and 34 days. Davis may have been born and raised in Georgia, though that is unclear. Not including immigrants, Alberta had been the oldest ostensible American from 2001 until her death in 2007, an extraordinarily long time, and the first person to claim to be 125 years old made by a United States born person since 1995. She was African American, and lived in Thomson, Georgia. Despite claims of documentation, the only documents produced have been Social Security records, which are not considered as being proof of birth. Later research conducted suggested that she was actually born in 1896 and was 110 years old when she died. 


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