Albert Woolson
Albert Woolson
Albert Woolson in the early 1950s
Birth: 11 February 1850
New York, USA
Death: 2 Aug 1956
Age: 106 years, 172 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Albert Henry Woolson (11 February 1850 – 2 August 1956) was the last known surviving member of the Union Army who served in the American Civil War; he was also the last surviving Civil War veteran on either side whose status is undisputed.


Albert Woolson was born on 11 February 1850 in New York. He lived there with his family up until the time that the civil war began. In 1861, his father, Willard Woolson, enlisted in the Army to fight for the Union during the war. Willard Woolson was injured in 1862 and sent to Minnesota for treatment. The family, including Albert, moved to the state to be near him. After Willard Woolson died, the family stayed in Minnesota. Shortly after their move to the state, in August 1862, the U.S.-Dakota War broke out. The Woolson family lived in an area affected by the war and would have known about it. After the war ended Albert worked as an electrician until he retired in 1933. His wife, Anne Woolson died in 1949 and Albert lived independently until he was 100 and he moved in with his daughter and her family.

Albert Woolson died on 2 August 1956 as the last surviving member of the union army.


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