Agnes Zhelesnik
Agnes Zhelesnik
Agnes Zhelesnik at age 102.
Birth: 12 January 1914
Death: 14 January 2017
Mountainside, New Jersey, USA
Age: 103 years, 2 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Agnes Zhelesnik (12 January 1914 – 14 January 2017) was an American centenarian who was known for being the oldest active school teacher in the world at the time of her death.


Agnes Zhelesnik was born in the United States on 12 January 1914. She married her husband in 1938 and he died in 1999 after 61 years of marriage. She had at least one daughter. Zhelesnik started teaching in 1994 when she was 80. At the age of 102, Zhelesnik suffered a stroke but still kept teaching.

Agnes Zhelesnik died in Mountainside, New Jersey, USA on 14 January 2017 at the age of 103 years, 2 days.


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