Agnes Quilter
Birth: 1893?
Ladyville, Belize
Death: 23 January 2001
Lords Bank Village, Ladyville, Belize
Age: 107 years, 22+ days?
Country: BelizeBLZ

Agnes Quilter (1893? – 23 January 2001) was a Belizean centenarian.


Agnes Quilter was born in Ladyville, Belize in 1893. She was reported to be 107 years old in 16 April 1999.[1] Agnes Quilter died in Lords Bank Village, Ladyville, Belize on 23 January 2001 at the age of 107+ years.[2] She had 22 children and at the time of her death she was survived by six children, thirty-nine grandchildren, ninety great grandchildren, and fifty great great grandchildren. Agnes Quilter is currently oldest known woman ever from Belize.


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