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Abune Phillipos
Birth: 27 September 1901
Enadeko, Eritrea
Death: 18 September 2002
Age: 101 years, 356 days
Country: EritreaERI

Abune Phillipos (27 September 1901 – 18 September 2002) was a centenarian from Eritrea.


Abune Phillipos was born in the village of Enadeko, southern part of Eritrea on 27 September 1901.

He served the Church for many years with patience and great responsibility. He served as a monk and abbot of the Bizen monastry for years. He became archbishop, and on 7 May 1998 he was anointed as first Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

Abune Phillipos died in Asmara, Eritrea on 18 September 2002 at the age of 101 years, 356 days.[1] He is one of oldest known man from Eritrea after old farmer Aboy Edris, who was reported to be 105 years old in April 2015.